WANTED: Pogoplug Pro & Ultrasone Headphones

Pogoplug Pro in Black This is pretty cool. The traditional Pogoplug Pro just got an update from it’s usual pink color to a sleek, and frankly better, black surface. But that’s not all, the Pogoplug Pro now comes with Wi-Fi! This means that one may connect their USB drives, iPods or iPads to the Pogoplug … Continue reading

WANTED: Fluorescent Light Bulb & Watch Phone

Plumen Flourescent Light Bulb I have this burning desire deep down to one day own a modern, minimalist residence that just looks really, really cool. I’d also like to stay true to the form-follows-function adage and have the design of my house actually work on a utilitarian level as well. One easy way to go … Continue reading

WANTED: Recordable Pen & Mopion Bike

PUMA Mopion Bike by KiBiSi and Biomega I don’t own a bicycle. I’d like to own a bicycle. Perhaps something practical would be fitting, but I wouldn’t object to it looking nice either. Where to turn? How about the new creation from Biomega and PUMA (this is hardly their first time working together)? The PUMA … Continue reading

WANTED: Periscope Camera & Custom Earphones

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg Spying on those pesky neighbors who recently raised that 7-foot wooden fence around their yard just got a whole lot easier thanks to the periscope camera! Well, not entirely. The periscope camera is a gorgeous new toy that allows photographers to steadily view their subject in a digital display screen, … Continue reading