Who I Am

Hi, I’m Zach Cole, and I think you should love me. No seriously, I do – but I can’t tell you to love me, because that’s not how this works. I could simply send you on over to my resumé (which I’m hoping you read), but in all likelihood you’re here to find out what’s going on inside my mind, not to read a bulleted list of accomplishments.

So what am I all about? I’m a 21-year-old Boston-native and student at Emerson College where I study marketing communication with specializations in entertainment marketing and public relations. I have an unhealthy obsession with social and digital media, and a passion for understanding how consumers shape the world and vice versa. I value all things creative, and I believe in the never-ending pursuit of innovation. At times I can ramble, but I hope you find my musings on technology, new media and marketing informative and entertaining.

Additionally, I love event planning and networking. I’ve helped organize numerous marketing and networking events around Boston, including the first-ever MassTalent at Hill Holliday, and MegaTweetup 2 at Microsoft Research. In November 2010, I moderated Emerson College’s panel on the future of social media.

If you’re ever interested in what I think about music, feel free to browse my Tumblr page and drop a comment or two.

Go Celtics!

2 Responses to “Who I Am”
  1. Scott says:

    Just want to drop you a line to tell you I really enjoy your writing.

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