Boston to Los Angeles: A Retrospective [Photos]

As many of you know, I recently made the move from Boston to Los Angeles in order to complete my final semester with Emerson College at our campus in Burbank, CA, while interning at TBWA\Chiat\Day. Because I do not own a car, I decided to road trip to Los Angeles with my roommate (using his … Continue reading

WANTED: Pogoplug Pro & Ultrasone Headphones

Pogoplug Pro in Black This is pretty cool. The traditional Pogoplug Pro just got an update from it’s usual pink color to a sleek, and frankly better, black surface. But that’s not all, the Pogoplug Pro now comes with Wi-Fi! This means that one may connect their USB drives, iPods or iPads to the Pogoplug … Continue reading

Has Ping’s Falter Made Way for Google Music?

Ping, Ping, Ping. Although it would be a long-shot to say that Apple’s lost its pristine polish, it has taken a few hits in 2010. Case-in-point, the devastatingly awful social music service, Ping. I’ve already written at length about what exactly is wrong with Ping (in a recent poll, voters actually preferred MySpace to Ping), … Continue reading

Ping is Positively Putrid

I love music. Allow me to repeat myself – I love music. I also love social media. So one can only imagine how ecstatic and giddy I became upon hearing Apple’s announcement for its new social media platform, Ping, which is built right into iTunes (is it safe to assume that everyone with a personal … Continue reading

WANTED: Periscope Camera & Custom Earphones

Periscope Camera by Yaniv Berg Spying on those pesky neighbors who recently raised that 7-foot wooden fence around their yard just got a whole lot easier thanks to the periscope camera! Well, not entirely. The periscope camera is a gorgeous new toy that allows photographers to steadily view their subject in a digital display screen, … Continue reading