Picking the Brain of a Trust Agent

Just yesterday, the Emerson Social Media class had the pleasure of Skyping with none other than Julien Smith, one half of the esteemed social media duo behind Trust Agents (along with Chris Brogan). Each student in the #ESM class was asked to come up with at least one question for Julien, with the hopes that … Continue reading

MassTalent Brings Out the Best and Brightest [Videos]

Millennials, Gen-Y, Generation Next, Echo Boomers – my generation has amassed a plethora of nicknames, many of which carry certain connotations (not always positive). However, regardless of what you choose to call us, one thing is clear – my generation has the talent, drive and digital intelligence that is driving our society forward right now. … Continue reading

Under The Influence: Cision Talks Social Influence

Thanks to my current PR firm Blanc & Otus, I got to sit in on a Cision webinar on social influence last Thursday, called Under The Influence. You likely already know about Cision as one of the leading online databases for all things journalists. PR people use Cision to find the proper contacts for journalists, … Continue reading

Advice on Success From a FearLess Genius

I wouldn’t usually do this, because I realize that it goes against the entire idea that I want to keep you on my blog, but before you read this post, I’d like to you at least glance here. Okay, so for those of you who didn’t click the above link, creative mogul Alex Bogusky wrote … Continue reading

Backupify’s Kristin Dziadul on Using Social Media to Land a Job

Kristin Dziadul, like many successful young professionals, took an untraditional route to landing her job as Inbound Marketing Analyst at Backupify, a Boston-based startup that allows users to store, search and manage their data in the cloud. Rather than surfing through endless pages of postings on online job boards, Dziadul took it upon herself to … Continue reading

Socialize Your Cause Turns Social Media into Social Good for Non-Profits

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally written for BostInnovation] Sometimes the best ideas are the simple, seemingly obvious ones sitting right under your nose. That was the case for the founder of Socialize Your Cause, David Wells. Wells, as he will tell you in the interview below had an “ah-ha!” moment when he realized that the … Continue reading

Measure Your Social Coefficient

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally written for Emerson Social Media.] Blogging live from the Geo M event (part of the Future M series), I’d like to introduce you to a smart new marketing metric called a “social coefficient.” What is a social coefficient? According to SCVNGR’s Chief Ninja, Seth Priebatsch, a social coefficient measures the percentage … Continue reading

Consumers as a Medium?

Could it be possible that marketers are looking at their consumers all wrong? The very name “consumer” implies a group of people who will end up purchasing – consuming – a product or service, so it’s no wonder that many brands view consumers merely as end-users. From this perspective, marketers can examine and study the … Continue reading