Patel Grows Tired of the Check-In, LBS

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally written for Emerson Social Media] Before you go throwing some sort of tirade, let it be known that the above title is in no way an indication that AdAge writer Kunur Patel is overweight. No, the LBS above refers to location-based services – those such as Foursquare, Gowalla and SCVNGR. Patel’s latest article … Continue reading

Advice on Success From a FearLess Genius

I wouldn’t usually do this, because I realize that it goes against the entire idea that I want to keep you on my blog, but before you read this post, I’d like to you at least glance here. Okay, so for those of you who didn’t click the above link, creative mogul Alex Bogusky wrote … Continue reading

The Worst Ads of 2010

There are ads out there that make me truly proud to be entering the world of marketing communication. Then there are those cringe-worthy, why-the-eff-did-they-do-that ads that merely leave me with an uneasy knot in my stomach. Well, my fellow consumers and marketeers (not a typo), Judgement Day is upon us. The Consumerist has asked us … Continue reading

Consumers as a Medium?

Could it be possible that marketers are looking at their consumers all wrong? The very name “consumer” implies a group of people who will end up purchasing – consuming – a product or service, so it’s no wonder that many brands view consumers merely as end-users. From this perspective, marketers can examine and study the … Continue reading