Treat Yourself Like a Client in 2011

Confession: I didn’t come up with the title of this post. I’m “borrowing” this golden nugget of advice from fellow Emersonian and marketer extraordinaire, Ben Grossman of Oxford Communications. So what does it mean to treat yourself like a client? In a nutshell, it means that each of us must begin to look at ourselves … Continue reading

Top 5 Tips from Emerson College Social Media Panel

Last night I had the pleasure of moderating Emerson College’s social media panel, better known as #ECpanel. The idea of the event was to bring together students and professionals for a discussion of the key trends driving social networking activity, and how students can use social media to their advantage. The panelists consisted of active … Continue reading

Hashable is LinkedIn for Twitter?

People have been saying that Hashable is like LinkedIn for Twitter. Is that a little hard to digest? After all, LinkedIn and Twitter are so fundamentally different. LinkedIn is more closed and requires introductions, while Twitter is open – a networking free-for-all. How could the two possibly find some sort of common ground? Let’s rewind. … Continue reading