“While interning at our agency, Zach was dedicated, resourceful, and very diligent. Zach’s creative skills were impressive, and he has a great ability to think outside of the box. I highly recommend Zach, and think he will succeed at anything he is committed too.”

– AJ Gerritson, Founding Partner, 451 Marketing

“Zach Cole was an intern in Berklee College of Music’s Office of Public Information. I knew right away that Zach was going to be a success – on his first day he was at his desk before I was at mine, and I was on time. He was eager to dig in, so we met and I gave him his assignments for the semester. That first day he took lots of notes, called people around campus to schedule meetings, and asked lots of questions. Some interns stay grounded until they feel comfortable with new people and a new work environment. Zach was ready to fly and he maintained altitude for his entire internship.

He managed every part on a number of publicity campaigns: writing press releases, assembling press lists, distributing the news, and making follow-up calls and e-mails. For a college intern sitting in an open space with no privacy, he was never self conscious. His work gained notice in a variety of local publications, web sites, and blogs. He put in extra hours helping Boston Herald and Metro Boston reporters get their stories on a Michael Jackson play. When his internship was over, I missed the fearless, energetic guy who dressed and acted like a pro every day he was in my office.  Zach made me believe that he’s ready to take on any challenge that awaits him at the next step of his career.”

– Allen Bush, Director of Media Relations, Berklee College of Music

“Zach was a student of mine at Emerson College. He is a very dedicated, highly organized person with a great passion for and understanding of marketing. I oversaw his Directed Study (i.e. undergraduate thesis), where he showed a keen attention to detail and timeliness, and also proved to be an outstanding writer. I am very confident that Zach will be a terrific asset to any company or agency and wish him the best for his future.”

– Silvia Hodges, Executive in Residence, Emerson College

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