WANTED: Fluorescent Light Bulb & Watch Phone

Plumen Flourescent Light Bulb I have this burning desire deep down to one day own a modern, minimalist residence that just looks really, really cool. I’d also like to stay true to the form-follows-function adage and have the design of my house actually work on a utilitarian level as well. One easy way to go … Continue reading

Has Ping’s Falter Made Way for Google Music?

Ping, Ping, Ping. Although it would be a long-shot to say that Apple’s lost its pristine polish, it has taken a few hits in 2010. Case-in-point, the devastatingly awful social music service, Ping. I’ve already written at length about what exactly is wrong with Ping (in a recent poll, voters actually preferred MySpace to Ping), … Continue reading

Graph Your (Gmail) Inbox

[Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally written for Emerson Social Media] It’s public knowledge that Gmail is best personal e-mail system around. Simply put, Google just gets it. If you’re at all as obsessed with Google and Gmail as I am, you probably install every extension of the brand – if at least just for … Continue reading

TEDxAmsterdam Trailer

Okay, so this one’s admittedly a little pat on the back. But hey, some self-love is good every now and again, right? Thanks to my good friend Ad, a recording artist for Beats Broke Records, I was able to be a part of the trailer video for the upcoming TEDxAmsterdam conference. I can be audibly … Continue reading