Don’t Make Your Consumers Do Anything

Recently, my brain has been abuzz with various ideas and musings about social media, startups, technology, marketing, and so on (okay, this is kind of how my brain is always, but it’s been especially busy of late). One of these ideas manifested into an actual idea for a startup social media application, which I may or may not have in the works – that’s my secret.

However, being that I had never built my own startup before, I wanted to turn to some people who had done so with success for bits of advice. The first person I tapped for a few insights was entrepreneur Matt Brezina. Matt is most well-known for his e-mail productivity plugin, Xobni (“inbox” spelled backwards). Besides being thrilled that he was able to spend some of his time talking with me about startups and why some fail and why others succeed, I was incredibly thankful for the wisdom he was able to relay to me, including one core takeaway: Consumers can tend to be lazy. If you want them to adopt your product or service, make every step along the way as easy as possible. Put your consumers to work at your own peril.

A couple days after speaking with Matt, I finally got on the phone with my friend David Wells of HubSpot and Socialize Your Cause. David gave me great advice as to where I might begin looking to code a project like the one I may or may not have in mind, and some additional support to just go out and do it. The biggest takeaway I received from David, is that if you are really going to try something entrepreneurial, there is to be no second guessing – just dive right in!

I want to extend a big thanks to David and Matt for lending me some solid advice. Hopefully, this story has many more chapters.

One Response to “Don’t Make Your Consumers Do Anything”
  1. David Wells says:

    No problemo Zach!

    Holler at me anytime.

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