Twitter Won’t Be Sold for $5 Billion

[Note: This article was originally written for Emerson Social Media]

No, I’m not suggesting that Twitter is evil – I simply want you to envision Dr. Evil saying, “one billion dollars,” as we discuss the more pressing issues at hand – like Twitter’s current valuation and potential buyout.

There has been recent talk about Twitter’s potential suitors. Leading the pack was the one and only Google (just imagine the possibilities of what Twitter could become with all that user data backing it). However, Twitter’s been playing hard to get. Very. Hard. To. Get.

When asked this week if the 140-character micro-blogging/search engine is for sale, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone firmly stated that Twitter is not for sale – not even for $5 billion. It’s been estimated that Twitter’s current valuation is set somewhere around the $3 billion mark. Let’s keep in mind that in the grand scheme of companies, Twitter is a mere toddler, yet in the tech startup game it is most certainly a mature player. That said there is still plenty of time for Twitter to grow and become a viable business on its own, which is what Biz wants.

I say this is a good move on Twitter’s part. Knowing what we now know, and after witnessing the meteoric rise of Facebook, just how high do we think Twitter can go? Will we be talking about Biz, Ev, and Jack years from now in the same way that we talk about ZuckJobs, and Schmidt? Only time will tell.

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