MassTalent Brings Out the Best and Brightest [Videos]

Millennials, Gen-Y, Generation Next, Echo Boomers – my generation has amassed a plethora of nicknames, many of which carry certain connotations (not always positive). However, regardless of what you choose to call us, one thing is clear – my generation has the talent, drive and digital intelligence that is driving our society forward right now. With this understanding, MassTalent brought together some of the best and brightest minds in Boston for a night of networking and idea exchanging revolving around the core topics of digital entrepreneurship, social media and technology, and millennials in the workplace.

Monday, November 15, saw roughly 60 students from Boston University, Emerson College and Northeastern come together for a night of learning and networking. The purpose of MassTalent was to bring together students interested in the way that digital media, new technology, and the millennial generation are shaping the future of advertising, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. Students were able to network and exchange ideas with like-minded students from other campuses before listening to a panel consisting of millennial employees from SCVNGR, BuyWithMe, IAmHungry, Zipcar, Hill Holliday, Allen & Gerritsen, and Small Army Marketing.

The event was a tremendous success, with the #MassTalent hashtag becoming the #4 trending topic in Boston before the evening was done. I have to extend a special thanks to all the panelists, DJ Capobianco and the rest of the Hill Holliday team who graciously lent us their space and time, all the students who attended, and my student co-hosts, Boston University’s Maurice Rahmey and Northeastern University’s Aaron Gerry.

Below are some videos from MassTalent, containing some excellent tips and insights from our panel. And don’t forget to check out some other excellent write-ups on MassTalent from Small Army Marketing, Hill Holliday’s DJ Capobianco, and Allen & Gerritsen’s Eric Leist.

MassTalent Panel on Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Resumes:


MassTalent Panel Talks Product Differentiation:


MassTalent Panel on Company Culture:


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