SCVNGR’s Michael Hagan at BostInnovation’s ShutUp & StartUp

Are you trying to launch a new business, but need some new motivation? Are you in desperate need of some inspiring ideas? Have you ever wondered what exactly a Chief Rockstar is? Have no fear – Michael Hagan is here.

SCVNGR‘s Chief Rockstar, Michael Hagan came out to speak at the opening night of BostInnovation‘s ShutUp and StartUp weekend – a weekend devoted to bringing together the best young minds in Greater Boston for the purpose of generating great ideas and making them come to life. The opening Friday night consisted of networking, eating, drinking and a tremendous speaker series, including rousing talks from Zazu‘s Aaron Gerry, and Matrix Partners’ Antonio Rodriguez.

Among the highlights was Michael Hagan’s speech. He talked about SCVNGR’s background, unique culture, and what it’s like to live and breathe the entrepreneurial lifestyle. According to Hagan, there is (figurative) blood, sweat and tears, yet the end rewards are surely worth it.

Stream the video of Michael Hagan’s speech below, and let me know what you think about his attitude towards business.


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