Product Review: Ballistic Computer Brief

As noted earlier, I was prompted to review a product from CSN Stores. With my given budget from CSN of $35, I opted to receive a new computer briefcase – a much needed investment as I become more and more attached to my laptop.

The most striking thing about the Ballistic Computer Brief is that it is rugged and durable. The outside is comprised of sturdy black nylon canvas and rubber that allows it to take a daily beating without so much as a little scuff (I prefer to call them personality marks). The bag also comes with a shoulder sling that is adjustable and comfortable.

There are three primary pockets: front, middle and back. The front pocket is the only one that can be accessed without un-velcro-ing the carrying handle atop the bag. This pouch is sealed by a velcro flap, and is then guarded by further interior velcro. This can be quite noisy and disruptive if you’re sitting in one of those outrageously quiet library study rooms, but other than that it’s no cause for concern. The front pocket has space for pens and pencils, mobile devices, a wallet, and other assorted portables.

The back pocket is somewhat useless and can only really hold flat, skinny objects. Anything else simply won’t work. It’s also a hassle to access quickly because it requires undoing the main velcro handle. However, the real action takes place in the middle pocket. Technically this pocket comes with two pouches. The smaller of the two is great for holding a laptop power cord and/or an ethernet cable. Then there’s the larger pouch that comes with a removable, protective laptop soft shell case. This is tremendously valuable and adds to the durability of the entire bag. There is also enough space for a notebook and regular book without being overloaded – just enough to get me through a typical day.

Overall, this bag is well worth its $35 price tag, and I expect to keep it for at least a few years down the road.


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