Emerson College E3 Students Focus on Entrepreneurship

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally written for BostInnovation]

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Emerson College? If you said bubbly theatre and acting kids in skinny jeans, you’re not too far off. However, buried within the heart of the school is a formidable and expanding marketing and business department churning out some impressive results.

More and more, students are opting to dive head-first into the business world with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. The Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship – otherwise known as E3 – is a two-semester course that teaches students the fundamentals of starting their own businesses. “Students enter E3 with an idea, and emerge eight months later as CEOs of their own companies,” said The Boston Globe.

E3 students are enrolled in a robust and well-rounded curriculum that allows students to learn everything from understanding the role of entrepreneurs in society to actually crafting their very own business plans.

Throughout the school year, students are exposed to all aspects of the business world – including law, finance, leadership, marketing and sales. Students interact with industry professionals who have previously walked a similar path. Lecturers provide valuable insights into the life of an entrepreneur. Ultimately, the aim of this course is to provide students with a solid basis that will serve them well in all career paths – not solely start-ups. That said, more than one dozen companies have been formed through the E3 program – a testament to the success of the young program.

The year ends with a culminating E3 Exposition, during which time students present the companies they have been building for the past eight months.

Emerson College’s initiative to inspire business innovation is just one of many noteworthy programs in the Boston area working towards a similar goal. In the spirit of all things start-up, I will be profiling numerous E3 students on BostInnovation as the year progresses with the hopes that their ideas can catch the eyes of the right people. After all, you never know where the next bright spark will be coming from.

[Photo: Emerson College Flickr]

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