Top 5 Thoughts From Peter Rojas’ Fireside Chat at Emerson College

Peter Rojas, the founder of Engadget, Gizmodo and most recently,, dropped by Emerson College to discuss new media and its various applications in our ever-evolving professional lives. He fielded a barrage of questions from Emerson College and BIGfish’s Dave Gerzof, as well as many Emerson students and faculty. Rather than summarizing the entire talk, I’d like to quickly spotlight some of the most important issues brought up during the discussion.

  1. Make Mistakes: Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Peter Rojas is suggesting to be fallible. Of course, this is not to say that you should go out there and intentionally misspell key names and neglect fact-checking. Rather, Rojas is stating that you can’t be afraid to make mistakes, because mistakes are inevitable for anyone starting out. If you’re an aspiring blogger, just jump in and get your feet wet. Might you get a fact wrong from time to time, especially in the beginning? Sure, but you can’t try to be too big immediately, so don’t sweat it. Little mistakes will help you become an expert in your field.
  2. Marketing is NOT an Enabler: You want your product, service, company to be successful and reach thousands, maybe millions of people? Start by making a product that is good. Marketing is a facilitator, not an enabler, and it needs to be viewed this way. Marketing can’t make a product appealing to millions of people worldwide if the product itself is no good.
  3. Talk Up to Your Audience: You might be smarter than an individual reader of your blog – after all, you’re the expert, right? However, when the collective knowledge of your entire audience is crowdsourced, do you think you still outsmart your readership? Chances are, if you write about intellectual topics, such as technology and gadgetry, you have an intelligent audience. Don’t be afraid to talk up to their intelligence level and assume that they actually know a thing or two.
  4. If You Want to Blog, Write Every Day: Malcolm Gladwell identified that successful people often put in upwards of 10,000 hours into their trade before they see any form of outstanding recognition. That said, if you want to be good at something, do that thing, and do it a lot. Rojas agrees. If you want to blog, practice writing every day or even multiple times daily. Pretty simple, huh?
  5. Real-Time Has Its Advantages: When the rise of blogs was taking place, there was a rational explanation for their success – information could be disseminated much faster to the general public. People could find out about news from Monday morning on Monday afternoon, rather than waiting until Tuesday’s newspaper. New trends like micro-blogging (Twitter) have allowed for even quicker real-time updates. The moral of the story is that people want their information fast, because it’s a fast world. Keep up!
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