Graph Your (Gmail) Inbox

[Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally written for Emerson Social Media]

It’s public knowledge that Gmail is best personal e-mail system around. Simply put, Google just gets it. If you’re at all as obsessed with Google and Gmail as I am, you probably install every extension of the brand – if at least just for a quick trial (hello Wave? Buzz?) – including Google Chrome.

Well now you can take your Chrome experience one step further withGraph Your Inbox, a nifty little service that does exactly what the title claims. This is actually in no way officially affiliated with Google or Gmail. It was in fact developed by a man named Bill Zeller from Princeton University (those smartypants!). But seriously, this is another entertaining way to engage yourself with your Gmail account, and who knows, the results might just tell you something surprising about yourself!

[Thanks to Mashable for the tip.]

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