TEDxAmsterdam Trailer

Okay, so this one’s admittedly a little pat on the back. But hey, some self-love is good every now and again, right? Thanks to my good friend Ad, a recording artist for Beats Broke Records, I was able to be a part of the trailer video for the upcoming TEDxAmsterdam conference. I can be audibly heard from about 00:17 – 00:21 in the video, as I say a very short sentence that is distorted over crunching electronic sounds.

Check out the TEDxAmsterdam trailer below, and for those who wish to dig a bit further, I’ve included a description of this year’s TEDx theme below the video.

“We wanted to play with the theme of light (a common western symbol to indicate ‘having an idea’), and together we created a story that is about building, refining and unleashing your ideas, which is all set, of course, against the beautiful backdrop of the city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam and The Netherlands are synonymous with light; many of the famous 17th century Dutch painters (Rembrandt for instance, and later Vermeer in the 19th century) remarked on the ethereal quality of light in The Netherlands, and indeed it was this fact that brought many other painters to the country throughout the period.”

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